After meeting in Miami Beach several years ago, we each knew we had found someone special in the other. Little did we know that one year later we’d be selling everything we owned and beginning the trip of a lifetime. Sebastian had called Mexico his second home since the age of six, but I had never stepped foot there. Four months of backpacking through various regions and culturally rich cities was all it took to win me over. I fell in love with Mexico and couldn’t believe the wonders it held. 


Once back in Brooklyn, NY we realized Mexico was our true home; we set about figuring out how to live there and start our own business. Working in hospitality had allowed us to meet people who inspired us. Hospitality has always been our way of life – we both started our professional lives in hotels and restaurants so it was no surprise that we began to develop our own hospitality brand. 


The idea for The Brooklane seemed to appear out of thin air as a mirage in a glistening golden-sand desert. This dream we both shared became reality with the help of family members who believed in us. But our vision tested us, too. At just 25 years of age we tackled a mountain.  It has not been an easy journey. Five years of planning, two years of tedious construction and design, and now…  we are so proud. 


It’s a wondrous experience to have something built from the ground up. Allow us to introduce you to our dream, to a story of resilience and perseverance… to a world filled with beauty and sophistication. Welcome to our home, The Brooklane San Miguel. 



With twenty years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, our brand encapsulates the best elements of world-renowned hotels like SoHo House, W Hotels and SLS under one roof. Although we are a small-scale hotel, our heart is huge. Our love for hospitality and design transcends the boundaries imposed by cultural differences. 


Mexico is our home, but The Brooklane is a showcase of our multi-cultural background. We endeavor to create a memorable ambiance that fosters creativity, and that’s why a majority of our guests are artists looking for a different way of travel. For us, our guests are not just strangers looking for a place to rest, they are people who arrive as visitors and leave as friends… sometimes even as family. 


Thanks to the intimate spaces that make up our home, our guests will have the opportunity to meet and gather with people from all around the world to share stories and ideas. We hope that our guesthouse becomes more than just your home away from home. We hope it will become an incubator for new thoughts, new memories and new friendships. 


Through our meticulous attention to detail we aim to provide the ideal oasis for your next visit to San Miguel de Allende –– a crossroad where culture, design, food, and that insatiable “joie de vivre” converge. We love the world we live in and we love what we do. That’s why you’ll love staying at The Brooklane.​