For those hot days, our dipping pool will ensure that you will stay cool. And if your stay is during the winter, we can heat the pool to jacuzzi temperatures... just make sure you tell us how you like it!

At the center of our building you will find a water feature unlike anything else around these parts. Reminiscent of those water fountains one finds in the Riads of Morocco; our koi-pond houses the hotel pets, beautiful koi fish swimming as you ascend or descend the spiraling staircase.  

One added feature that we just really had nothing to do with is the astounding amount of natural sounds you will be able to indulge in, from giant flocks of birds migrating at dusk, to a crowing rooster waking you at dawn (we offer earplugs don't worry).

At The Brooklane, we aim to indulge your sense in every corner you step foot in. As you enter through our doors you will be welcomed by a world filled with high-end design. Most of the furnishings were designed or selected specifically for the space by estudiobtr. Soft velvet textiles create an ambiance of luxury, but soft tones still leave room for casual comfort. 

All of our room rates include daily breakfast. Our world trained chef crafted a menu utilizing fresh and locally sourced ingredients; combined with flavors of the Caribbean, Latin America, and American Comfort; in order to take your palette to far away places without ever having to leave the comfort of your seat. Breakfast at The Brooklane will be an event in it of itself. 

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